Go Green

Sierra Auto Care is going green! We are proud to share with our clients that we have gone green.

Our shop has always used the most energy efficient up-to-date equipment, and always recycled all used auto parts, tires, oils, lubricants and coolants. Here at Sierra Auto Care, we use dry surface cleaning methods, followed by damp mopping instead of hosing down our shop floors. Our shop towels are sent to a laundry service for our reuse. In addition, all our employees are trained on how to handle and dispose of hazardous material and waste properly and safely.

In our office, we use recycled paper for printing. We recycle our ink cartridges, paper, cans, bottles and anything else we can recycle as needed. We also try to email estimates, invoices and statements as much as possible. In our lunch room, we have stopped using disposable products and hand wash our own dishes and utensils.

Sierra Auto Care wants you to know that we care about our environment and are doing our part to keep it healthy! We are always implementing new policies that are environmentally friendly. We hope you join us in our mission!

Every month we will be holding a recycling day. Please click on the ‘Go Green’ link on the home page to see dates and times for our monthly recycling day. We hope to see you there!