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Windshield Wiper Blades should be replaced every 12-18 months. Do you know the last time you got new ones? Come see us today to get them replaced to keep you safe on those stormy days.

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This car holds special meaning to the couple that it belongs to. It was Jennifer’s first car from her parents in high school. Over the years it was no longer her primary car and was put under a tarp at her parents’ house. It sat for years without being driven or touched. When Jennifer began dating Jeff, he had been curious about what was under the tarp. After taking a peak at what was under there, he fell in love. So now Jeff was not only in love with Jennifer, but now also in love with this ’69 Mustang. Over the last year Jeff has been planning a special restoration project for his soon to be bride. As they are set to be married this Saturday, October 27th, this will be the car they drive away in to wedded bliss! Before the wedding day Jennifer hadn’t seen the car fully restored yet, what a great wedding gift!! Thank you Jennifer and Jeff for letting us be part of your journey! Congratulations!









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